Hot Nights, Cold Blood 2019

Categories: Cumshot

Description: Olivia, a strip club cocktail waitress turned dancer, gets entangled with her married, mob-affiliated boss, Sal, after breaking up with her boyfriend. When Sal’s wife, Gia, spies the two of them fucking during a one-on-one meeting, she’s had enough – she conspires with her husband’s friend and fellow gangster, Bobby, to murder her husband and take over his profitable strip club.When Bobby betrays Gia by bailing on their master plan in favor of his friendship with Sal, Gia has no choice but to execute her plan alone… or better yet, find another partner. Will she be able to draw Olivia away from Sal and over to the dark side? Year: 2019 Country: USA Category: Feature, Couples, Threesome, Anal Time: 02:22:26 Quality: WEB-DL

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